Equity Investors

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Contact us if any of the following apply:

You own any type of multi-family housing and want to sell without sale commissions, fees
or disruption of tenants. 

You are a property owner with a sub-prime mortgage on your property and you’re behind in payments.

You have property you don’t know what to do with. We joint venture with owners and respect your time and effort to maximize the property.

If you bring us any deal for a fee be prepared to provide documentation required in the Letter of Interest and/or Purchase and Sale Contract. If you cannot perform this role, be sure you have someone who can.


PrimeVest Partners, LLC
325 Sharon Park Drive, Suite 512
Menlo Park, CA  94025

PrimeVest Partners, LLC is not a real estate brokerage or mortgage company.
Do not contact us to list your property or lend money.

Equity Investors