Competitive Edge

Experienced Management Team

Extensive deal analysis and structuring expertise. Team has analyzed, structured, acquired sold more than $115 million in transactions over the last five years.

Dedicated staff of trained case managers and analysts who have field experience implementing tactical strategies at the asset level to create value

Seasoned team of attorneys , with vast knowledge and ability in clearing title and foreclosure defect issues

Detailed and Proven System for Processing Transactions

Extensive network of contacts with expansive market reach to source meaningful deal flow

Management and affiliates have an intimate knowledge of the market in which we transact. Deals that come into our funnel are initially sifted through based upon location, price range, and asset quality.

Deals that qualify then move through the process with strict adherence to multiple checklist reviews in every phase of the process, including initial evaluation, due diligence, and closing
At the initial evaluation, exit strategy options are discussed and defined, with contingency plans in place

Unique Relationship with Borrowers

Management has cultivated relationships with borrowers by establishing themselves as a key player for funding real estate investments, giving PrimeVest Partners a “first look” at these opportunities before deals are brought to the market

This network is constantly being expanded as PrimeVest Partners selectively implements its vetted system into other distressed markets

Management is forging strong relationships with borrowers as an investor with capital that can get deals completed on a timely basis in the current market when others canno

Extensive Buyer Network and Cutting Edge CRM system

Database of active investor buyers across the U.S.

Existing relationships with multiple buyer sources; from educators in the real estate field to self-directed IRA affiliates such as Equity Trust

Established marketing process to present specific properties to prospective buyers interested in a particular segment and/or market

Utilize a cutting edge CRM database, Realeflow software, that automatically connects properties with prospective buyers that share related criteria to complete cross trade opportunities

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